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Knowledgeable, professional with an experienced team.

Quality Assuarance

Accountablitiy of service, with quality assuarance guarantee.

Technology Platform

Ensures Timely and accurate reporting.



Making A Difference One Property At A Time.

Accterra Preservation strives to be the most honest, reliable and accurate company that serves our clients. We understand bigger is not always better and what matters is a cohesive team working together to achieve a common goal. Our loyal and hard working crews all receive extensive and continual training while all have been working in the preservation industry for years.    Read More. .

Why choose Us?

Why choose Us.

Excellence & Experience

Accterra’s founders have been involved in real estate since 1993 and know what it takes to build a team to achieve the goals of our clients.

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Why choose Us?

Our Mission.

Create value for our clients

To be the most respected property preservation company in the industry, by continually asking what is in the best interest of our clients and the communities we work in. While continuing to create opportunities to help our contractors and their families.

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Why choose Us?

What we Do.

Accurate & Reliable Property Preservation

We utilize mobile check in technology along with consistent contact with our vendors to ensure accurate and reliable information and services on time.

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Property preservation is in our blood. The team at Accterra has decades of combined experience in the pre-foreclosure market and we understand the challenges involved in securing properties for our clients.


Accterra handles each eviction with care. Each crew that handles evictions has a thorough understanding of local laws and ordinances to facilitate a smooth transition.


Our dedicated hazard/rehab team at Accterra is dedicated to these types of orders for our clients. They work closely with our crews to ensure each order is handled in a efficient and cost effective manor


Every year Accterra handles thousands of seasonal services including grass cuts, winterizations, de-winterizations and many more. We have an experienced scalable team in place to handle any number of jobs.


Accterra has been handling REO services since 2008 and knows the intricacies of such work. Our team is accustomed to working with REO brokers.


Accterra is available 24/7 to handle any emergency repair or assessment. We understand your clients need for immediate response day or night, rain or shine.


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